Grow your business globally with an 
experienced and effective internationalization assistant.

Create an efficient
go-to-market strategy 

Follow through on tasks and stick to timelines 

Prepare for 
international growth.

This is possible with a reliable internationalization assistant working with your team.


Utilizing our international business experience and native English language skills, we provide sales and marketing support, customer engagement and administrative services to Nordic businesses seeking growth to US markets.

About Katalyst International

At Katalyst we are more about you and less about us. Our purpose is to grow, enhance and invigorate your business abroad. As a member of your team, we work hard to help you realize your vision for sales growth. 
To do this, we learn your values, expectations, challenges, strategy and goals. We incorporate your style and company dynamic into the tasks we perform for you. We utilize our international expertise to help you cross cultural boundaries.

Let us be your catalyst for global expansion. ✦

About Kasey

Kasey moved to Finland for love and found a country that awakened her spirit. The fresh, simplistic lifestyle motivated her to pursue a new passion: helping Finnish entrepreneurs share their innovations with the world. The exhilarating Finnish startup scene introduced her to unique visionaries with exceptional creativity and insight. She also recognized a disconnect in the communication of these amazing ideas to international markets. She was confident her American business knowledge would help to bridge that gap.

Reaching a new market can be fraught with uncertainty. 
Rely on an experienced partner to provide reassurance. At Katalyst International, you will find flexible, customized support to meet your schedule and your budget.

Customer Engagement

  • Tradeshows
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters and Email Campaigns
  • Website SEO
  • Database Management
  • Follow up and Surveys


  • Market Research
  • B2B Prospecting
  • Lead Generation
  • Distributor/ Reseller/ Investor partnerships
  • US Representation
  • US Import Guidelines


  • Marketing Material Review
  • Presentation Visual Aids
  • Recruitment
  • Correspondence

Our Process:

Collaborate, Commit, Communicate.

First, we will meet to talk about your company. Tell us about your mission, vision, style and target 
market. Then define your challenges for us. We will discuss your company's market readiness and need for support.

We will prepare a clear, customized service proposal for you -  including task descriptions, timelines and pricing. We will confirm our agreement with a formal contract and nondisclosure agreement to project your proprietary information.

Then we will get to work. We will communicate with you as frequently as you prefer to provide status updates and assess quality of work. At the completion of the project or tasks, we will review our 
success and discuss future opportunities.

We offer flexible pricing for all projects based on work requirements. ✦

Our Guarantees:

  • Communication is a priority. You will have direct contact with your assistant via phone, SMS, email or video chat.
  • There is never a registration or set up fee. You only pay for the work contracted and performed.
  • Kasey travels to the US frequently but is based in the Helsinki Capital Area. She is accessible for in person meetings.

What does success look like to you?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you contact us:

  • What is your business case? How does US or Canadian market growth fit with your overall business strategy?
  • Have you considered your market fit? 
  • What is your timeline for implementing new strategies?
  • Have you assessed unique financial support available for international market research?
  • Where could you benefit most from internationalization support?
  • How can in market sales representation accelerate growth for your business?
  • How can you improve productivity by adding an internationalization assistant to your team?

Let's get to work.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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